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Bosch Excel+ Wiper Blade - 28" Size
Our Price: $25.95

Bosch Excel+ Wiper Blade Collection - One 28" Bosch Excel+ Wiper Blade

Note: Choosing the correct wiper blade(s) for your automobile or other recreational vehicle is very easy and we at would love to help out! Just let us know the wiper blade's application by selecting the appropriate Wiper Blade Use option, as this extra piece of information helps ensure that you receive the correct wiper blade size. For non-standard applications (semi trucks, farm tractors, etc.) you may select "Other Use / Not Listed," in which case we will assume you have ordered the correct size.

International Customers: For consistency with automobiles using a reversed engine layout, we will use the U.S. market standard. Therefore, the "Driver Side" option indicates the wiper blade size at the FRONT/LEFT side of an automobile's windshield and the "Passenger Side" option indicates the wiper blade size at the FRONT/RIGHT side.